With his Christopher OluFela Series, Lee Chavous reminds us that we must remain vigilant in sharing our history with our children. Chavous' easy to read book is full of facts and information useful for adults as well as children. The series should be in every kid's bedroom for night time reading.

Kevin P. Chavous

Author, attorney, and a noted leader of national education reform


After Lee Chavous became a father a few years ago, he soon found himself worrying about his son's prospective education. He knew that the formative years are critical, and that the history books tend to marginalize, overlook, or inaccurately recount the contributions of African-Americans. Congrats to concerned papa Lee Chavous for publishing the first in what is likely to prove to be a priceless series of sensible supplements to the traditional American History textbooks.

Troy Johnson

Founder, African American Literature Book Club


These are interesting historical manuscripts. I learned a lot of new things that I did not know about Africa. A magnificent job of research, and this is a lot of history that chronicles from Africa to America, as well as other places. I wish that every school in America would adopt these texts. If they do not, they should be placed in the library so that individuals would be allowed to use them whenever they are available.

Dr. Irma Langston

Professor Emeritus, Chicago State University

I was impressed by the informative content about my culture. As I read the wonderful story to my children & students, we were all learning something about ourselves & the world that created us...

Clifford Rucker III

Education Specialist & Parent

The book shared information about the fantastic African history. Your child will see the world with a wider perception. It is very important to share our Black History with our children, so that they can appreciate their Black Heritage.

Gladys Y. Harris

Professor Emeritus, City Colleges of Chicago

Well done! Written to educate the Young Minds of our world, about the diaspora of our history and creatively illustrated to keep their attention.

Tyrone Young



I liked the books because they tell us about our history. I did not know much about it because the school systems do not teach it to us when I was growing up. Young and old need to know more about it.

Cassi Kargbo


Lee Chavous is an insightful author with his eyes on the prize: Our children's self-esteem. He has a unique talent for presenting valuable information in easy to follow format. He helps us to stay aware that if you know the road that you have traveled to get here, it helps you to plan and prepare for the road ahead.

Dr. Eudene Harry

Parent / Physician

I thoroughly enjoyed the books! I felt like what Oprah Winfrey felt about The Color Purple, that everyone should have a copy of them in their homes... They made my day. I look forward to the next books in the series. Keep up the good work!

Joyce Hines


100 Roses is fantastic! It is an interesting book about the struggles of African American women in history and their contributions. The stories provide excellent information and are not boring. The language of the book is understandable and easy-to-read, and the pictures have vivid colors! All students will enjoy this book.

Ora Jamison

Parent / Elementary School Teacher

Let me just say, I could NEVER have anticipated all the information in your books! These are absolute "must haves."

D. Luckie, M.A. Ed.