Christopher OluFela Series of Books for Kids
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The Books
Volume 1, A Journey to Freedom informative, easy-to-read picture book that gives kids a great overview of the African-American ancestors journey when they first arrived in the Americas. It points out that the early African-American ancestors were very courageous people who possessed important, diverse abilities and skills.  It also notes that some were free people.  It is a tremendous addition to your child's personal library collection.

Volume 2, The Wonders of Africa, introduces young children to why the African continent is such a very Important and interesting place in our world.  It does this in a fun, friendly, and very elementary manner.  Adults will learn a lot too!

Volume 3, DREAMS OF MY ANCESTORS, a beautiful, artsy picture book that takes a long overdue look at who the African-American ancestors were before they came to the Americas.  It is an absolute essential addition to the other cultural books in your child's growing personal library.

Volume 4, 100 Roses, takes a much-deserved look at the many amazing African-American women who displayed enormous courage, bravery, intelligence, and enterprise to overcome the unbelievable odds against her to help African-Americans gain their full civil rights and fair treatment in America. A MUST HAVE BOOK FOR KIDS!

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