Christopher OluFela Series of Books for Kids
Each One will have to Teach One

Welcome to an informative Series of Books for all Kids!

Educational, full of facts, and great pictures:
Easy-to-read picture books that allow children to learn about important aspects of the rich, inspiring history of African-Americans that are too often not mentioned in the classrooms.

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  100 Roses
A beautiful picture book that highlights the many African American women
who displayed bravery, courage, intelligence, and enterprise to overcome the many hardships they faced throughout our country's history.  Their stories are amazing and inspirational!

Dreams of My Ancestors :
An extraordinarily beautiful picture book that takes an overdue look at who the ancestors of the African Americans were before they became enslaved in the Americas.  A great addition to every child's library.

Price $19.95

Price $18.95

The Wonders of Africa :                      Discover many fun & interesting natural wonders of the continent of Africa! 

This easy-to-read picture book reveals why Africa is such a very important and unique place in our world.
  Great reading for the younger kids.

A Journey to Freedom :  Learn about the tremendous struggle for freedom of African Americans when they arrived in the Americas 

  This very informative and easy to read picture book gives a great overview of the African Americans inspiring quest for freedom in the Americas.  So many interesting facts for young readers!

Price $14.95

Price $18.95

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About the Series:

When I looked into my son's eyes and wondered to myself how his life  will be in the future, I knew that there was valuable cultural information that I have a personal responsibility to pass along to him to help him become a positive and proud "African-American or black" person.  And also, a person who understands and is proud of his cultural heritage as it relates to the African diaspora  as a whole.  

When we expose children to their rich cultural heritage earlier in their lives, they can embrace their positives and be better prepared to handle the negativity that sometimes develops in our society towards people of African descent.  This negativity can sometimes have subtle ways of making African-Americans feel less equal. 

The history of African Americans is extremely inspirational! It will inspire children of all colors to want to reach higher and go further in their personal development.

These artsy, heritage style picture books are written in a caring, easy, non-textbook style so that children can get into learning about the African American history without becoming  too overwhelmed during their reading of this delicate and important topic.

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